Angoulême 2006

Wednesday 25.Jan.2006

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Thursday 26.Jan.2006

Official opening. I forgot to take photos.

The Award Ceremony ('Palmarès')
(Best author, best album, best newcomer, etc)

After making this sketch, I went down to the front with my little camera.

Gipi (more further down) with Jean-Marc Thévenet (directeur du festival) and -?-

Derib & JOB
(Prix jeunesse 7-8 ans, 'Yakari et les Appaloosas', Le Lombard, Bruxelles)

Dominique Poncet (PLG) (on the left) with ?

Ville Ranta

Mycose, fanzine belge de Liège
(Prix de la bande dessinée alternative) (also known as the Fanzine award - always goes to a fanzine and therefore a group of artists. It even used to include a financial encouragement)

Étienne Davodeau (with Catel)
(ho got two awards: 'Prix du scénario' (best script) and 'Prix public du meilleur album', both for 'Les Mauvaises Gens')

Jean-Marc Thévenet, Benoit Monchart (directeur artistique du festival), Lewis Trondheim

Trondheim got the 'Grand Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême' (the big deal award). He talked a bit about what he had planned for the following year ('free entry for all') (ha ha). The most memorable change he instigated must be the shape of the award itself, changing from the humdrum plaquettes to the little cat, which also pops up on posters etc.

Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie
(Prix du premier album 'Aya de Yopougon' Gallimard)

Thierry Mornet, Mike Mignola

Gendrot Claude Dupuis (directeur editorial) (receiving the award for Gibrat)
(Prix du dessin' for 'Le Vol du corbeau, vol. 2 ' Dupuis, Marcinelle)

Ralf König with Fabrice Ricker, his translator.

Jim Lee

Juanjo Guarnido & Juan Diaz Canales
(Prix de la série : Blacksad, Dargaud)

Paul Gravett (announcing), Vincent Bernière (Seuil editorial)
(Prix du patrimoine : Locas : Tome 1 de Jaime Hernandez, Éditions du Seuil)
(given for reprints of historically important titles. Which is a bit weird for an active artist like Hernandez.)

Wolinski (this year's president) presenting the prestigious 'Prix du meilleur album' to Gipi.
('Notes pour une histoire de guerre' Actes Sud BD)


Charles Burns and Richard McGuire talking to Paul Gravett
(in the foyer, after the awards ceremony)

Bar, containing a few Brits (Tom Gauld, Gary Northfield ...)
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(Gary Northfield holding a bunch of sample comics by yours truly)

Restaurant (forgot to take more photos)

Friday 27.Jan.2006

Here I was queuing for a 'dedication' by J.P.Peyraud

Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berberian with Andi Watson

Vernisage d'exposition 'Martin Tom Dieck'
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Ben Katchor & Richard McGuire

Saturday 28.Jan.2006

Finish cartoonists, including Kati Kovacs (the blonde with long hair)

Ralf König

L'association at the 'Theatre de Poche'
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Jean-Christophe Menu, Killofer, Edmond Baudoin, Lewis Trondheim
(and, when Killofer had to go away, Fabrice Neaud)

'Litteratures Pirates', Poster put up by the chaps from l'Association (beefing about something or other)
(Photo taken on Monday)

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Chococreed (same view)

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Blutch (signing)

Andi Watson and his publisher

The first 'Concert Dessin', instigated by Zep (who also wrote the scenario for this one)

Hotel de Ville / Soiree finlandaise
(Look out for a short funny comicstrip by Nicolas Mahler in one of the Lapin anthologies, depicting this soiree.)
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Angouleme under snow (it stayed like that until Monday, when all became sunny again - see further down.)
Somehow I forgot to take some daytime snow photos.
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Sunday 29.Jan.2006

Ben Katchor

Fréderique Boilet

Sale of Comics Figurines

Big Ben

Ria Schulpen from 'Bries'

-?- looking at one of my little sketchbook-magazines

Jimmy Beaulieu (from Canada) signing a book
(More of him further down)

Exposition Coconino World

Monday 30.Jan.2006

Almost everyone had gone by now, as had the snow.

Directions to Coconino World
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Everything looking very different from the grey and snow-slushy festival days

(The house in the last photo(s) was where I was staying.)

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Exposition Wolinski, Museum 'CNBDI'

Exposition Wolinski, Museum 'CNBDI'
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Early Comics, permanent display , Museum 'CNBDI' (now all moved to another building)
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Early Comics, permanent display , Museum 'CNBDI' (now all moved to another building)

Angouleme Railway Station, waiting for the train to Paris

Gabrielle Bell, Matt Kindt, Comicshop Superheros

Jimmy Beaulieu, Institute Canadien
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Exposition Matti Hagelberg & Katia Tukenainen, Finnish Cultural Institute

Exposition Zep (This was shown at last year's Angoulême, when Zep was 'president'.)
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Comicshop 'Superheros'

That's it.