Andy Bleck

'Abstrakte Sequenzen'
Pen and Watercolour, or Pencils on paper, or Acrylics on paper or Canvas.
Paintings London
Watercolour (often with pen and ink outlines), or acrylics
Paintings Frankfurt

Paintings Berlin / Heidelberg

Coloured Pencils
Coloured pencils, usually in combination with a technical pen.
Mono-coloured Pencils
- One Coloured Pencil on its own, or
- one colour in combination with a technical pen (0,35mm), or
- one colour in combination with black pencil (2B).

- 2B pencil, or
- 2B pencil in combination with technical pen (0,35mm)
Drawings with Brush and ink (or brush-pen

(all made in London)
Technical drawing pen, 0,35mm
Photographs - London (101)

Photographs - Frankfurt (33)

Photographs - Various (51)

Stilleben                     Sculpture

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